Action ou Verite Erotic Party Edition (FR) - Ligar Seduction

Action ou Verite Erotic Party Edition (FR)

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Action ou Verite Erotic Party Edition (FR)

69 questions ..., only the truth counts! 69 challenges ... who will dare?

The creators of the globally acclaimed erotic game "Mission Intime" come back with a very sexy version of the famous "Action or Truth". Play and try to answer 69 naughty truths and perform 69 very daring actions. This game is a perfect concentrate of excitement and debauchery!

"Action or Truth" is played at 3 or more. The token indicates whether you must submit to an action, or a truth. The "Truth" card allows you to earn points by giving an honest answer, as detailed as possible. The "Action" card allows you to earn points by completing the statement. If you do not want to answer or perform the action, it's not a problem ... but the points you could have earned are deducted from the final score. Everything is allowed and without any obligation: So how far will you go?

Here is a small anthology of questions and actions of this game:

- Lie on your back, blindfolded and arms down your body. The other players then each put a hand on your body. It's up to you to guess who your hand is.

- What is your most prank fantasy?

- Spanking! Ask the player who is on your left to spank. Three steps will suffice.

- The person on your right hides a coin under his clothes. You must find her, eyes closed.

Action or Truth Erotic Party Edition is a game to play with your friends and friends (18+) just before or during a party or just when your group wants to "pause and feel". This naughty game will give you moments of sincerity and hilarity. If you play points, first determine what the winner can expect (from the loser).

In short, Action or Truth! ... who will dare?

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