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The Ultimate Kinky Guide To Enjoying a Threesome

how to enjoy a threesome

Have things been a little quiet for you lately? After taking a long break from dating, have your nights seemed a little colder? 

Face it: you’re touch starved, and because of that, you’ve made an executive decision.

The Ultimate Kinky Guide To Enjoying a Threesome: how to enjoy a threesome

A couple of your friends have talked about having a threesome, and it seems like you’re invited. It might be friends who are a hot couple, or it might be some people you’ve always been flirty with but never had the guts to ask anyone out. 

Whatever the case may be, it’s happening. So after months of being deprived of sanity and the warm embrace of another human being, what do you do? How the heck do you even begin to plan for this?

That’s where I come in.

Be Picky: be picky with who you choose to have a threesome with

Hi, Zack Zoetic, local and internationally recognized Trans Agony Uncle. Have I mentioned I’m polyamorous?

The funny thing about being polyamorous is that most people will ask you and assume that you’re sleeping with everyone you’re dating all together like a giant erotic snuggle pile. That’s a great exaggeration and a misunderstanding that the polyamorous community has been working hard to clear up.

But… truth be told, in some cases and for some people, it’s totally true! For this reason alone, I feel confident that I can help you feel a little more comfortable in your decision to embark on a new type of horizontal square dance.

Be Picky

No, I didn’t say be judgemental. Before any fun times get going, be mindful of your potential partners. Is this someone you find hot? Do you feel like this person has been respectful of your boundaries in the past, or have they failed to meet that basic standard for friendship? 

Or maybe you’re looking for a third person to join you and your girlfriend. If that’s the case, please do not be a unicorn hunter.

There’s an entire website devoted to why you shouldn’t commit the crime of being a unicorn hunter! It makes people feel used, and it’s obvious to 99.9% of the people you invite that they’re being treated like a new toy.

In addition to that, consider the relationship dynamics. Sure, your ex is still the main feature in your solo-sessions, but if you still harbor feelings for them… really consider if seeing them passionately fuck you, followed by their new FWB is going to cause you some psychological pain.

The only psychological pain you should be feeling must be consensual or at the very least just a little bit of embarrassment from your overly nosey landlord commenting on the noise levels.

Sadly that’s not a real working website.

So where do you find partners who are willing and able to join in on your master plan of having a sexy fun time trio going?

Your best bet would be to begin online!

There’s plenty of apps that, while not being intended, definitely are open to people looking for a three-way. It could be that you’re in a couple who just wants to open up your Friday night to a hot single in your area, or maybe you’re a solo person who’s looking for two other single people for a mid-afternoon romp. Whatever the configuration, websites like OkCupid, and Tinder are definitely your first stop.

If you and your steady partner decide to have one account, be clear with the people you talk to. Make your profile picture something that includes both of you, and make sure the interested third party knows who’s talking!

If you’re specifically looking for a third person for some more kinky activities, check out Fetlife. Almost every major city has its own local message board on the site, so post an advertisement there and start talking to prospective kinksters.

You might prefer something a little more local than online, and if you have a regular or occasional FWB you can ask them if there’s anyone else they also hook up with. Maybe that person would be interested in adding a little bit of you to the mix? Who knows!

Communication Nation

A lot of the suggestions for a healthy, fun, and sexy threesome adventure are identical to the suggestions given for a healthy two-person romp. Communication isn’t just sexy, it’s necessary and required!

Some questions to ask yourself and your partners:

  • What are you comfortable doing?
  • Does anyone have bad sexual experiences they need to avoid?
  • Does anyone have any health concerns? 
  • Does anyone have limited mobility or stiff joints that need to be manipulated carefully?
  • Are there any limits with regard to alcohol and other drugs? 
  • What will be the safe sex protocol for everyone? Will you be changing the condoms with every partner, or will people wear an internal condom?

Planning Isn’t Only For Nerds

Look, I get it. Sometimes these things can just spring up on you, like a sweltering heatwave in February. Though, if you can, make sure everyone has time to prepare for this.

Write a list down of supplies to have. Does anyone have preferences for lube? Any latex allergies? Does someone absolutely need to have a certain type of music playing? Jot those preferences down! Are there days or weeks on the calendar that wouldn’t work for people?

Pretend you’re planning a surprise party for your genitals. Would you just expect that it’ll be a quick and natural jump into the sack? Well, maybe, if you’re lucky. (If so, go buy a lottery ticket, you’ve found the golden ticket in this story!) For most people, these things require some preparation before.

Preparation can be sexy, and fun!

Create a Menu

I have mentioned this many times: I am an incredibly anxious person, especially in intimate social situations. If I anticipate a situation and feel like I don’t know what to expect, I get immediately hot and sweaty (in a bad way). 

I’m not alone in this, I’m sure. We’re all a bit anxious these days!

Instead, maybe consider giving yourself something fun to look forward to. Do you have a toy that you’ve just been wanting to try forever, but haven’t had a chance to use it on a partner? Propose creating a menu of toys and activities you’ve all enthusiastically into.

For example, lay out all your favorite toys, kink gear, and lingerie (if you’re not making that a knock-out surprise). Take a picture of it, and ask your partners to highlight the ones they want to try out. You’ll end up with a couple of surprise picks, but that’s where the fun is at!

Feel free to suggest your own favorites as well. I know I have a personal favorite toy that looks kind of boring from first glance, but packs a real wallop of a good time if you’re willing! Just be sure to properly sanitize these toys before using them on a new partner, or use a non-lubricated condom on a body-safe toy. 

If you’re into kink, this might be a great time to open up a kink/BDSM test and compare it with your two partners in crime. It doesn’t have to be a whole scene, but maybe you want to try integrating some of each other’s favorite kinks to keep things spicy.

Breathe. Seriously.

I can tell a lot of people are skimming through this section as quickly as possible, but hold up! I won’t keep you for long, but this one is an important one.

Breathe. Breathe deeply. Breathe during the planning, breathe as the flirtation begins, and breathe especially during the actual threesome.

Being connected to your body makes the whole experience so much more memorable. You’ll be able to really relax into the sensations that you’re sharing with others, and you’ll be hit with a kind of gratitude before. You’ll also be able to recognize when a partner might be a little less enthusiastic, or if someone needs to take a pause so that their soul may re-enter their body.

Keep yourself safe, but also keep your fuck friends safe too!

Get Ready, ‘Cause Here I Cum

If you can, take some time to prepare your body for this fun experience. Do what you need to do!

Do you feel like you need to crank one out before so that you don’t get overstimulated and climax too quickly? Do you need to apply any lubes or moisturizers to sensitive body parts? Maybe it’s been eight months since anyone has seen your junk, the pubic forest has grown a little wild and needs some manicuring.

Do whatever makes you feel good and hot! Take a nice shower, use your favorite soaps, and sing your favorite bad songs in the shower. Get dressed, and show yourself and your partners that you care.

Remember When I Said Breathe?

If this is the first time you’ve ever hooked up with more than one person at a time, you might be feeling a little awkward.

This is to be expected! It’s an entirely new experience, and that can be a little destabilizing. Take the time to breathe again, recognize that you’re surrounded by people who find you hot as hell and want to make you feel good. 

If you do find yourself overwhelmed, take a breather. Don’t be afraid to stomp the breaks if you’re feeling really upset, uncomfortable, or feeling disoriented.

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How does it really feel like to have a threesome


What It’s Really Like to Have a Threesome

Top tip: make sure the bed is actually big enough for all three of you if you inted to sleep in together afterward.

While having a threesome right now is def not the best idea given the pandemic, the idea of ye olde ménage à troisremains one of the most popular evergreen sexual bucket list activities in healthier times.

And why shouldn’t it be? A threesomes isn’t just the male-oriented fantasy that pop culture makes it out to be sometimes.


There are plenty of reasons a woman would also want and seek out a threesome—and you should be encouraged to explore that territory if it’s something that turns you on.

Whether you’re in a committed couple finding a third, looking to join an existing couple in a threesome as their unicorn or invite a third into your relationship, or just trying it out amongst friends, it’s easier to have a threesome than you’d think.

Sure, there can be planning involved, but if you’re going to go by movie standards, it’s rarely the wordless kissing of a tangle of strangers and then waking up the next morning as if nothing happened. You’ve gotta talk it out and make sure everyone’s on board, and sleeping on the decision is never a bad idea.

Before we end this article, here’s a quick list of their tips for having a successful threesome—from experience! – Have fun threesomes!!

  • Remember everyone is feeling the same stress over making sure this goes well! So don’t stress. The more you can relax into it, the better it will be.
  • Make sure the bed is actually big enough for all three people if you’re all going to fall asleep together afterward.
  • Be open to trying new things.
  • Have extra condoms on hand, even if it’s just one guy and two women. This is handy for switching condoms if you’ve got two women and also for covering up and easy sex toy cleanup.
  • Put a towel down, just in case.
  • Offer your threesome buddies a drink and a snack because it’s polite.
  • Music helps to set the mood.
  • Don’t spend too much time spiraling in advance over who is doing what and what goes where. It’s not a group project and you are not getting graded on participation.
  • That said, if there are hot ideas you’ve been too timid to try before or positions you’ve been saving for a rainy day, throw them in now! You’re already doing something outside your comfort zone, so give yourself the freedom to lean all the way out.
  • Do not make your poor unicorn your couples therapist.