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how does it feel like to have a threesome

How does it really feel like to have a threesome

What It’s Really Like to Have a Threesome Top tip: make sure the bed is actually big enough for all three of you if you inted to sleep in together afterward. While having a threesome right now is def not the best idea given the

how to enjoy a threesome

The Ultimate Kinky Guide To Enjoying a Threesome

Have things been a little quiet for you lately? After taking a long break from dating, have your nights seemed a little colder?  Face it: you’re touch starved, and because of that, you’ve made an executive decision. A couple of your friends have talked about

Best Sex Toys for Men

The Best Sex Toys for Men – 2020

The best collection of sex toys for Men in 2020 On this post we will give you the best collection of sex toys and goodies—you know, masturbation sleeves, cock rings, and yes, prostate stimulators—you need for stronger and more satisfying orgasms. The ultimate 2020 sex

Woman looking at her vibrator

‘Is your vibrator stopping you from enjoying sex?’

With the news that a supermarket will soon be stocking sex toys, bedroom gadgets have gone completely mainstream. Are we hooked? Leanne* was 21 when she bought her first vibrator. It is sleek and made from soft-to-the-touch silicone. “It’s stone coloured, with a rose-gold button,”

cervix penetration sex

10 Top Tips For Cervix Penetration

What is Cervix Penetration In addition to vaginal stimulation or clitoral stimulation, the cervix is also a pleasure zone that can lead to full blown orgasm. This is achieved with deep penetration through the vagina which will stimulate your cervix. For those who have never

enjoying sexual pleasure with 6 simple sex positions

Getting The Most Pleasure From 6 Simple Sex Positions

Sex is one of the most intimate and pleasurable and is even more enjoyed with with a powerful orgasm. Achieve the most pleasure from simple sex positions, making a few tweaks to your sexual lifestyle and activity to enjoy even more powerful orgasms: alone or