Getting The Most Pleasure From 6 Simple Sex Positions

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Sex is one of the most intimate and pleasurable and is even more enjoyed with with a powerful orgasm. Achieve the most pleasure from simple sex positions, making a few tweaks to your sexual lifestyle and activity to enjoy even more powerful orgasms: alone or with a loved one.

Most Pleasure From Simple Sex Positions
Most Pleasure From Simple Sex Positions

When people want to spice up their sexual lifestyle, the option that usually comes to mind is to add a plethora of sexual positions to their arsenal. Develop acrobatic tendons and flexibility overnight and arrange their bodies in the most impossible contortions imaginable.

However, to improve your sexual lifestyle and enjoy sex more, there is no need to train as an olympic level acrobat. The most basic sexual positions when practised well and kept in rotation to keep things interesting will work well and often lead to heightened sexual pleasure and epic orgasms.

Sex is all about stimulation of the most sensitive areas and being able to relax and let go. This will lead to intense and satisfying sex. Being able to angle yourself in a sexual position so that you are stimulating the more sensitive areas will lead to more enjoyment of sexual encounters.

With greater pleasure; one will increase the likelihood of having orgasm and as often and quickly as possible. This allows you to get turned on and feel connected to your body and to your partner. So you do not need the entire encyclopedia of sexual positions and mastery of the Kama Sutra to achieve sexual pleasure.

The extra twist, acrobatic styles do not achieve a higher level of satisfaction than the simple sexual positions. Enjoy your sex with pleasure using these 6 simple sex positions.

Woman on Top

Women enjoy sex in this position because it allows them to control the speed and angle of thrust. They can make it more intense with faster deeper trusts or simple lean forward and reduce the intensity to their pace. To get into the woman on top position, you have to get on your knees and hug your partner, then slide in and out, as slowly or fast as you desire.

The woman on top also allows you to stimulate your G spot, in the most relaxing way possible. A feat that is harder to achieve unless you are using a g spot stimulating vibrator. Moderating the speed from slow to intense will allow you to get warmed up in your muscles to avoid cramps as well as get your clitoris stimulated and warmed up for more pleasure. You can jump the clitoral warm up with a rabbit vibrator to stimulate your clitoris as a sex aid.

The clitoris is a small nub that is right above the vaginal opening, and as you get turned on it will fill up with blood like the penis and become engorged in its own right. This makes it larger and drops lower into the path of the thrusting allowing it to be easily stimulated and providing a larger area for stimulation leading to epic orgasms. Getting aroused and getting your clitoris warmed up is very key to enjoying sex.

Want to push things a bit further with the woman on top position to better sexual pleasure from this simple sexual position. Try a little bit of mixing the woman on top position with a vibrating cock ring. The cock ring will serve to stimulate the clitoris directly whilst maintaining the erection of your partner for longer sexual activity. The woman on top allows you to control your sensations to better enjoy sexual pleasure.

Doggy Style

The doggy style, is a satisfying sexual position in which the partner enters you from behind. It allow for a tight fit and allows for stimulation of the G spot with every thrust. The doggy style position is also a pleasurable and yet simple sex position that allows for the clitoris to be stimulated as it is more exposed, allowing for it to be stimulated with love eggs vibrators or even manually by yourself or your partner. The doggy style also allows for exciting sexual adventures such as a threesome and allows everyone to enjoy equal stimulation.

You can lessen the weight and burn on your knees by using pillows to cushion your upper body, stomach and even knees and keeping your legs straight. Relaxing in the doggy style position also allows you to enjoy a stimulating sexual experience in a simple sexual position that can be practised by everyone.

69 Sexual Position

The 69 sexual position is one of the most simply performed positions but one of the most satisfying. It allows for simultaneous oral stimulation by a couple. Each giving the other oral sex at the same time. To begin the couple lie on top of eachother with heads away from each other and easy access to the goods of pleasure. The 69 position is one of the sexual positions that allow for the use of sexual toys and stimulation such as vibrators, dildos, mustabators and anal sex toys.


One of the coziest if not the coziest sexual position, spooning is a simple and yet satisfying sexual position that allows for ultimate intimacy. It allows you to relax and match each others rhythm and pace. A sexual position which allows both partners to feel well and truly connected in an embrace during climax. The spooning will let you lay next to each other against your back and the angle of penetration can be adjusted with the partner in the inner spoon angling their back or arching to meet the rhythm of thrust.

A very much laid back sexual position that allows you to enjoy sex without anything slipping out. Using stimulants and sexual accessories like butt plug sex toys will further enhance the stimulation and pleasure. Add novelty with blindfolds or even heighten the pleasure when partners are hands free to touch and fondle each other in other erogenous zones.

Seated Straddle

A very simple and very enjoyable sex position, the straddle allows a couple to match their breathing and expand their bodies to match each other. It is a beautiful sexual position that allows more opportunity to achieve orgasm. The intimacy of being able to look into the eyes of your partner whilst sitting face to face is only rivalled only by the missionary position.

The seated straddle sexual position also allows the couple to expand their breathing and eliminates the pressure on breathing experienced during the missionary position. Being seated is also a very natural sexual position that will allow the couple to feel very comfortable and hit their highest points of pleasure. Add tongue cockrings to as novelty to heighten the stimulation of the clitoris.

Missionary Sex Position

The classic sexual position which although looks very basic is one of the most satisfying and yet very simple to effect sexual positions: a simple sexual position that will heighten the pleasure and leave both satisfied. It is the ultimate and natural position for clitoral stimulation.

The misionary position can be furthe renhanced by propping up with pillows to angle the penetration and allow for futher clitoral stimulation. It is also an ideal sexual position for hitting the evasive G spot which allows for vaginal orgasmic explosion. The missionary sexual position can be altered with varying angles of leg positon, from closed up legs, or draped outside your partners, to even raising one leg.

The missionary position is easily achieved regardless of one’s athletic abilities, including wrapping legs around the back of your partner to create a deep and satisfying lock. Delay male orgasm with cock extenders strapons or cock rings accessories which can also serve to further stimulate the clitoris.

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